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Pitt Martin is an award-winning boutique CPA Accounting firm specialises in using the leading cloud-based accounting solution to provide internal business processes with a vision to make an impact in business, profession and community by doing small things in a great way because we believe “Together We Can Make a Difference”.

Our mission is to empower business owners to significantly achieve their objectives and purposes through understanding and living principle-centred leadership by serving, helping and adding value to their business with patience and humility.

Our team at Pitt Martin are a group of committed professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of taxation compliance, taxation planning, accounting, business advisory and Self-managed Super Fund.

Whether you are a multi-national organisation or a local business, our international and domestic tax experience will ease your mind when it comes to taxes whether you intend to invest in or out of Australia.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, we are here to assist you in exploring your potential towards sustainable growth.

Our client base covers a wide range of entities from listed companies, private businesses, non-for-profit organisations and individuals, be the high net worth or otherwise. We are experienced in dealing with businesses and individuals in all industries including finance, legal, medical, healthcare, education, development, construction, manufacturing, import and export, transport, franchises, restaurants to name a few.

We are dedicated to providing timely, precise and forward-thinking solutions for your situation. Our approachable, professional and friendly team enjoy working alongside clients to ensure the best financial outcomes are achieved.

We are committed to the highest standard of work to our clients and at the same time being responsible to the community. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our hardworking team and the outstanding service we offer.

Our Key Values


We exist to make a difference in the lives of the people through their business and professional journey.

We are committed to serve our clients with integrity, patience and humility because we believe success isn’t how much money we make, it has nothing to do with what we gain in life, but it’s about the difference we make in people’s lives


We are passionate beyond numbers and believe that our clients’ success is our success.

We are passionate to add value to our clients and constantly finding opportunity in every challenges.

We are committed to work consistently, diligently, responsibly and taking steps toward our business goals.


We invest in the right people in our business and we constantly challenge ourselves to unlock our full potential so that we can be the best in the market to serve our clients.

We value personal development and growth of our people.

We think, look for ways and do things that add value to people and encourage others to add value to people because we care about people, their well-being, life, family and businesses.

We believe that people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

Meet the Leaders

Sydney Tel: +61 2 9221 3345 Email: Find me on Linkedin Find me on Twitter   Teddy Kosasih FCPA is the Managing Partner at Pitt Martin Accountants & Tax Advisers and an AccountantsDaily Accounting Consultant and Public Practitioner of the Year. His career as an accountant began in 2003, when he entered public practice after having completed an undergraduate degree. Once in public practice, he quickly discovered that he had a natural interest in taxation, which led him towards attaining additional specialist qualifications: • Registered Tax Agent • Chartered Tax Adviser • SMSF Specialist Advisor He has a strong client focus and often found himself in situations where his clients required generalist type advice on other corporate related matters. Recognising this need, he took steps to become a Justice of the Peace and Registered ASIC Agent. His affinity with the accounting profession and desire to reach out to the wider community led him to lead a CPA Australia City Taxation discussion group, providing speakers delivering presentation on tax related topics. Today this group is a preeminent discussion group within CPA circles. He would very much like to continue to develop and contribute to the matters impacting members and the profession. As a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA), Chartered Tax Adviser and SMSF Specialist Advisor with over 18 years’ industry experience, his passion is to implement an efficient system and strategy to maximise values for Small Medium Enterprises and high net wealth individuals. Over the past decade he worked across a wide range of diverse industries including small and large companies, with the largest being listed on Australian Stock Exchange. Although he specialises in Not for Profit industries and Self Managed Super Fund, he also actively engages clients in a broad range of industries including Financial Advisers, Property Investors and Developers, Retailers, Restaurants and Cafes. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, he is here to assist you explore your potential towards sustainable growth. He is dedicated to provide timely, precise and forward thinking solutions for his clients. He is committed to the highest standard work to his clients and at the same time being responsible to the community. His commitment to excellence is evident in his hardworking and the outstanding service he offers. His vision is to make an impact in the profession and community and in order to achieve that, he is actively connecting himself with everyone because he believes "Together We Can Make An Impact". His greatest piece of career advice is "Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim to low and hit"  

Teddy Kosasih

Managing Partner

Robert Liu


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